Check the 2014 National and Provincial statutory holidays in Canada. Public holidays in Canada are also known as ‘statutory holidays’, ‘stat holidays’ or simply ‘stats’. A statutory holiday in Canada is legislated either through the federal, or a provincial or territorial government.
New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day and Christmas Day are the Nationwide statutory holidays. In addition to the nationwide stat holidays, the following holidays are mandated by federal legislation for federally regulated employees. All banks commemorate these holidays, and they are statutory in some provinces and territories : Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day and Boxing Day.

Date Day Holiday Observed In
January – 1 Wednesday New Years Day Nationwide
February – 10 Monday Family Day British Columbia
February – 17 Monday Family Day Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan
Islander Day Prince Edward Island
Louis Riel Day Manitoba
February – 21 Friday Heritage Day Yukon
April – 18 Friday Good Friday Nationwide
April – 21 Monday Easter Monday Nationwide (Federal Statutory)
May – 19 Monday Victoria Day Nationwide (Federal Statutory)
June – 21 Saturday National Aboriginal Day Northwest Territories
June – 24 Tuesday St. Jean Baptiste Day Quebec
July – 1 Tuesday Canada Day Nationwide
July – 9 Wednesday Nunavut Day Nunavut
August – 4 Monday Civic Holiday BC, SK, MB, ON, NB, NU
August – 18 Monday Discovery Day Yukon
September – 1 Monday Labour Day Nationwide
October – 13 Monday Thanksgiving Day Nationwide (Federal Statutory)
November – 11 Tuesday Remembrance Day Nationwide (Federal Statutory)
December – 25 Thursday Christmas Day Nationwide
December – 26 Friday Boxing Day Nationwide (Federal Statutory)