In most provinces of Canada, the third Monday in February is observed as a regional statutory holiday.

Typically known in general as Family Day — though some provinces use their own names as they celebrate the day for different reasons.

In Canada more generally, the third Monday in February has also been celebrated as Heritage Day, though is not as an official holiday. This “Heritage Day” is observed by some in celebration of the country’s collective history, architecture, and cultural heritage.

The third Monday of February is observed in different ways in provinces :

  • Family Day : British Columbia (BC), Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan
  • Louis Riel Day : Manitoba
  • Heritage Day : Nova Scotia
  • Islander Day : Prince Edward Island

In Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the three territories, the third Monday in February is a regular working day.
In Yukon, one Friday in February (typically the last/near-last Friday)—rather than a Monday—is deemed Yukon Heritage Day.

When is Family Day ?

  • Family Day in 2023 was on Monday, 20-February, 2023.
  • Family Day in 2022 was on Monday, 21-February, 2022.

Check all the historical dates for Family Day in below table.
Family Day
2023Monday, 20-Feb-2023
2022Monday, 21-Feb-2022
2021Monday, 15-Feb-2021
2020Monday, 17-Feb-2020
2019Monday, 18-Feb-2019
2018Monday, 19-Feb-2018

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