Civic Holiday is a public holiday in Canada celebrated on the first Monday in August.
The first Monday in August is a holiday in all provinces of Canada, except for Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Yukon.
This holiday is started in the middle of summer dates back to 1869 in Toronto and in officialy declared in 1875, when the first Monday in August became the August Civic Holiday in Toronto.
The word civic is in reference to municipalities (such as cities, towns, etc.), as this day is not legislatively mandated a public holiday across the country by the Canadian federal government and is often given a different, more specific name by some municipalities or provinces.

When is Civic Holiday ?

  • Civic Holiday in 2023 was on Monday, 07-August, 2023.
  • Civic Holiday in 2022 was on Monday, 01-August, 2022.

Check all the historical dates for Civic Holiday in below table.
Civic Holiday
2023Monday, 07-Aug-2023
2022Monday, 01-Aug-2022
2021Monday, 02-Aug-2021
2020Monday, 03-Aug-2020
2019Monday, 05-Aug-2019
2018Monday, 06-Aug-2018

Civic holiday celebrated all over Canada as a public holiday, but it is only officially known as “Civic Holiday” in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, where it is a territorial statutory holiday.

In other provinces and municipalities, the holiday is known by a variety of names, including British Columbia Day in British Columbia, New Brunswick Day in New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan Day in Saskatchewan; all of these places celebrate the date as a provincial statutory holiday.

The holiday is celebrated as Heritage Day in Alberta; Natal Day in Nova Scotia, in commemoration of the founding of the Halifax–Dartmouth area; and as Terry Fox Day in Manitoba, in honour of the Manitoba-born athlete. The date is also celebrated as several municipal holidays in Ontario, such as Simcoe Day in Toronto, John Galt Day in Guelph, and Colonel By Day in Ottawa. Despite its special designations, the day is not a statutory holiday in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, or Ontario; however, it is commonly observed by all levels of government, financial institutions and some businesses.

Provinces and TerritoriesAlternet Name of Civic Holiday
Nunavut, Northwest TerritoriesCivic Holiday
British ColumbiaBritish Columbia Day
New BrunswickNew Brunswick Day
SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Day
AlbertaHeritage Day
Nova ScotiaNatal Day
ManitobaTerry Fox Day
  • Alberta – In Alberta Civic holiday celebrated as Heritage Day, which is not a statutory holiday. First Monday in August an annual holiday to recognize and celebrate the varied cultural heritage of Albertans.
  • British Columbia – In British Columbia Civic holiday celebrated as British Columbia Day, commonly referred to as “BC Day”. On this holiday British Columbia, celebrates the history, heritage, and culture.
  • New Brunswick – In New Brunswick Civic holiday celebrated as New Brunswick Day. It was first observed on Monday, August 4, 1975.[14].
  • Manitoba – In Manitoba Civic holiday celebrated as Terry Fox Day. Manitoba province marked the first Terry Fox Day on 3 August 2015, In honour of athlete and cancer research activist Terry Fox, who was born in Winnipeg in 1958.
  • Saskatchewan – In Saskatchewan Civic holiday celebrated as Saskatchewank Day.

The first Monday in August is not generally observed as a holiday in Quebec, parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, or Yukon.

  • Quebec observes Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on 24 June.
  • Yukon observes Discovery Day on the third Monday of August instead.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador observes Discovery Day on the Monday nearest June 24th.

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