Northwest Territories Statutory Holidays 2015Check the 2015 Statutory Holidays in Northwest Territories. Check the 2015 public holidays dates for Good Friday, Victoria Day, National Aboriginal Day, Civic Holiday, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day etc in Northwest Territories.

Northwest Territories Public Holidays 2015
Date Week Day Holiday
January – 01 Thursday
New Year’s Day
April – 03 Friday
Good Friday
May – 18 Monday
Victoria Day
June – 21 Sunday
National Aboriginal Day
July – 01 Wednesday
Canada Day
August – 03 Monday
Civic Holiday
September – 07 Monday
Labour Day
October – 12 Monday
Thanksgiving Day
November – 11 Wednesday
Remembrance Day
December – 25 Friday
Christmas Day
Other Local Stat Holidays 2015 in Northwest Territories
Date Week Day Holiday
July – 9 Thursday
Nunavut Day
  • Nunavut Day – Nunavut Day, which is annually celebrated on July 9, commemorates passing of two Nunavut acts. The Parliament of Canada passed the Nunavut Act, establishing the territory of Nunavut.