There are 9 statutory holidays in Alberta (AB). The Alberta Statutory Holidays 2023 include New Year’s Day, Alberta Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas. There are also 3 Optional General Holidays in Alberta as Easter Monday, Heritage Day and Boxing Day.

Alberta Statutory Holidays 2023

Date Week Day Holiday
January – 01 Sunday New Year’s Day
February – 20 Monday Alberta Family Day
April – 07 Friday Good Friday
May – 22 Monday Victoria Day
July – 01 Saturday Canada Day
September – 04 Monday Labour Day
October – 09 Monday Thanksgiving Day
November – 11 Saturday Remembrance Day
December – 25 Monday Christmas

Alberta Optional General Holidays

: If an employer agrees to designate additional general holidays for their employees, all employment standards rules related to general holiday pay still apply for these additional holidays. Employees should confirm this and any pay entitlements with their employer. Optional general holidays in Alberta include :

Date Week Day Holiday
April – 10 Monday Easter Monday
August – 07 Monday Heritage Day
December – 26 Tuesday Boxing Day

Special Rules for Public Holidays in Alberta –

  • All Alberta government offices are closed on statutory holidays.
  • If an eligible employee is on vacation when a general holiday occurs, the employee can take off with pay the first scheduled working day after their vacation. Or, in agreement with their employer, they can take another day that would otherwise have been a work day before their next annual vacation.
Alberta Statutory Holidays 2023
Alberta Statutory Holidays 2023
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