Check the 2022 Statutory and Optional Holidays in Manitoba, Canada. There are 8 statutory holidays in Manitoba as New Year’s Day, Louis Riel Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas. Easter Sunday, Terry Fox Day, Remembrance Day and Boxing Day are not General Holidays.

Manitoba Statutory Holidays 2022
DateWeek DayHoliday
January – 1Sunday New Year’s Day
February – 21Monday Louis Riel Day
April – 15Friday Good Friday
May – 23Monday Victoria Day
July – 1Friday Canada Day
September – 5Monday Labour Day
October – 10Monday Thanksgiving Day
December – 25Sunday Christmas

Check the optional holidays in Manitoba for the year 2022.

Manitoba Optional Holidays 2022
DateWeek DayHoliday
April – 17Sunday Easter Sunday
August – 01Monday Terry Fox Day
November – 11Thursday Remembrance Day
December – 26Monday Boxing Day

Special Rules for Public Holidays in Manitoba –

  • General holidays are sometimes referred to as statutory holidays or stat holidays. They are days recognized by law as holidays. Employees either have this day off with pay, or are paid differently if they work.
  • Employees who do not work on Easter Sunday, Terry Fox Day and Boxing Day, do not have to be paid because these are not general holidays.
  • When a general holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday that an employee does not normally work, the employee must get the next regular workday off with general holiday pay.

Reference : Manitoba -> Labour -> Employment Standards -> General Holidays